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Things You Could Do With VPS

What is a VPS?

VPS stands for virtual private server and as you can probably guess, it’s a type of server. VPS hosting offers a way better value for money and, more importantly, it’s way more effective than cheap alternatives like shared hosting. A VPS is in the middle ground or in between shared environments and dedicated environments.

Have you ever wondered what a VPS (virtual private server) can do for you? Basically anything, as long as you aren’t breaking the law or violating your VPS hosting provider’s terms of service. So, let’s take a glance at some of the great things you can actually do with a VPS.

What could you possibly do with a VPS?

Manage Multiple Client Websites

The great thing about virtual private servers is that you can host multiple domains while knowing you have enough RAM and CPU to keep each site performing at its best. This is particularly useful if you’re in the business of building and hosting websites for clients. You’ve got them covered with your VPS, so be confident that you have enough resources to handle their sites on top of your own.

Run An ECommerce Site

Ecommerce sites, in particular, have large numbers of pages, and lots of images to store and load and they get hefty traffic spikes during seasonal periods and this is one of the most obvious uses for a VPS. But a standard small business site that only gets moderate traffic can probably run sufficiently on a shared web hosting platform. It’s when a website gets larger in size and sees an increase in visitors that you might need to consider hosting it on a server. With unlimited bandwidth and flexible resources, you can handle high traffic whatever the season in your VPS. This is a scalable VPS, so you get the performance, the flexibility, and the ability to use your own choice of technologies.

Host Your Own Web Server, Databases, and Mailboxes

When you have a VPS, you can have your own server for your software platform. In simple words, you would be in great control of everything you host. Easily manage Apache web servers, databases, and mailboxes. You get resources that are dedicated to you and full root access so you can install what you need for your project.

It’s simple to install MySQL and MariaDB databases on your server. Plus hosting your own mailboxes on your VPS gives you complete control and added privacy, something that is crucial when it comes to your business communications. This can help your organization to save a considerable amount of investment. Also, with a self-managed VPS, you can have complete control over the data of your business or organization.

Develop and Test in Your Own Space

You can use a VPS to improve your programming skills. You can start learning by knowing how to operate a web server or experiment with programming languages. If you develop apps as a business or you’re looking to get a hobby, then a virtual private server would be a great addition to your toolkit. You can use your VPS to simulate testing environments for your apps – develop code, test it, and fix bugs before anything goes live. In simple words, a VPS can be your ideal playground to learn the various facets of programming and development. On the other hand, if you want to try a new application, you can use your VPS as a testing environment.

Also, with the help of a VPS, it is easy to avoid unexpected outcomes or conflicts within the new application. Also, virtual servers provide you with the flexibility to erase the content with the click of a button. Moreover, you can share code with any of your co-developers securely.

Internet of Things ( IoT)

Through your VPS, you can have a single point of control for all the items on your Internet of Things. By creating sensors around your home, you can have your VPS control the temperature, turn the lights on and off, automate smart device usage, you name it. Yes, whatever you use the Internet technology for, you can simplify the way you track information on it by storing the data on your VPS instead of the local network. This makes your operation more improved and efficient.

Run A Game Server

Gaming has become a favorite pastime for many of us, and over the past decades, its popularity is on a steady increase. The popularity of online games among gamers, in a time when the internet has become ever more accessible, is on the rise as well.

If you actually use a strong VPS option, you will get the same performance as a dedicated server for a much lower price. The list of games you can host is quite extensive when you have a VPS. Besides being cost-effective, you’ll experience less lag and dropped connections too. With a VPS you can move your party to a private space and have fun without any disruptions.

Establish A VPN Connection

There is no denying the fact that online frauds are getting quite common nowadays. But with a Virtual Private Network or VPN, users can hide online activities. At the same time, it is not at all safe to opt for random VPN providers.

Even the reputed VPN providers have suspicious ownership. So when you have a VPS, you can easily install a VPN on it. When you use your VPS to host a VPN, you can easily connect to the Virtual Private Network. With a VPN, you can easily bypass various types of restrictions. Also, a VPN can help you secure the websites hosted by your VPS with encryption layers.


When you have access to a quality VPS, you would have immense options at your disposal. You would have access to countless uses for a great price. A Virtual Private Server can help you with a lot of purposes. This is a right choice for you even if you want to experiment with your skills.

If a VPS sounds like something that you could use for your project, the next step is to find the right one for your needs. You’ll want to get started with a high-quality host that gives you the flexibility and performance you need. Here at RunHost, we offer what you’ll need. Visit us for more information at

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