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Shared Hosting And How Does This Work For You?


Shared hosting is a type of web hosting that is low cost because you are sharing a resource from many other users on a single physical server. With shared hosting, you can access features such as databases, disk space, email accounts, and many add-ons depending on your provider. This also provides the flexibility and convenience to start your dream of bringing your business online. RunHost shared hosting has 3 plans available to choose from, these plans are suitable for small websites or blogs that do not require advanced configuration or high bandwidth. If this shared hosting is not enough for your sites you could turn to VPS or dedicated hosting plans.


As stated, you shared resources with others. It is like renting a room in an apartment. You have your own room, but you need to share resources such as electricity and common areas. The benefit is the costs are cheaper because you share with others.

Shared hosting is like a highway too, just like as many cars on the highway can cause traffic, computer resources that are shared with others, sent to a very busy website, the speed of the website also slow too. That is why this is ideal for starters who want to build their website or for managing a small and medium-sized business.


  1. Cost-effective because the price of the host is distributed across the server, and many people contribute to the costs.
  2. Simple because it’s managed to host. If you don’t know how to maintain and manage your server, shared hosting is the best fit for you. Also, they provide a website builder and friendly control panel software. This simplicity is a great benefit to a growing website.
  3. Flexible or scalable- upgrade seamlessly as your website grows.
  4. Easy self-manage because this hosting is simple. They provide a simplified user interface control panel to manage all your tasks easier.
  5. No technical maintenance is needed because your provider’s qualified professionals are responsible for this. You can focus on your business without worry.
  6. Host Multiple Domains with shared hosting. Install or create websites as many as you want, just make sure that the domain you buy is linked.


  1. System Crashes because this is shared with others more websites are loaded on the server and if their traffic increase beyond their limit then there is a high possibility that the system may crash and collapse.
  2. Performance problems may arise because the components are not evenly distributed as a result, some sites on the server may experience poor performance.
  3. Security may also compromise due to other user negligence. This makes it easy for hackers to break into your website. To avoid these issues and threats, monitor your website files regularly.


This is suitable for you when:

  • You have a little experience with web hosting.
  • You want to keep the costs low.
  • You are running a small business or start-up.
  • You want to design small business websites or something for your family and friends.
  • Don’t have extensive web programming.
  • You are experimenting with web designs and coding.
  • You are researching applications like Joomla and WordPress.

There are many things you don’t know when you are just starting to build your website and shared hosting is one you can trust. Before choosing your provider consider these things first:
1. Storage Space– this depends on the size of your website.

2. Bandwidth– although most providers offer unlimited bandwidth, it is still better to be sure so you won’t exceed just in case and pay more.

3. Speed and Uptime– you should target 99.9% uptime so your website will always be available to your visitors.

4. Security– your data needs to be safely maintained, so choose a hosting plan that is up to standard security features.

5. Free Domain– This is useful if you want to set up your website and manage it from one place. We at RunHost give a Free lifetime domain in all our hosting plans. Visit this for more info:

6. Easy to Use Dashboard or Control panel– to perform most of your tasks with ease. This also has pre-installed apps and e-commerce features.

7. One-click install applications. Choose a host that provides this for seamless integration with services such as WordPress, CMS, website builders, and many more.

8. Customer Support– the most important thing in choosing a provider, especially if you are not familiar with hosting and do not have technical skills. 24/7 customer support will be helpful to you.

There are many things you can do with shared hosting plans. It’s hard to predict how much space you will need later on but shared hosting provides a flexible solution to this. Start now with us, just visit our website for more information at

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