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Scaling Startups? Dedicated Hosting Is For You

You just started your business and now it getting bigger and bigger as the months go by.  As this happened, you will need bigger resources that will fit your business, and be much more reliable and secure with big storage. Then dedicated hosting is right for you.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a premium hosting option that many web hosting company serves today. A physical server (or servers) is dedicated to a single business customer. They can optimize it for their unique requirements, including performance and security where they have complete control over the machine. The hosting provider supplies the physical server and environment, the associated services, and technical support.

Why Dedicated Hosting?


A dedicated server gives you complete control over your server management. You can customize the server to fit your needs, set up your choice operating environment, install your preferred software and configure the RAM, and CPU the way you need them.


Businesses can easily change server configurations, add new software and adjust resources to meet their needs.


A high bounce rate is devastating. It could wreck your business! But you could benefit from a dedicated server if you need more server speed. It lets you host only your websites, preventing others from eating up the computing power, bandwidth, and storage space, allowing it to perform optimally. Dedicated servers also come with extra speed features that can save bandwidth, speed up access to data and reduce visitors’ wait time.


Businesses can customize the server to help meet their security and compliance needs. It could help you reduce the risks of security breaches and identity theft, allowing you to handle online payment processing or store sensitive data more confidently.

Additionally, a dedicated server allows you to configure additional security measures for all-around security, such as antivirus, firewalls, and SSL. You could also set up virtual isolation environments (VPS) to decentralize the server, protecting them from hackers.

Some of the benefits of using a dedicated server are:

  • Handle big traffic volumes without compromising site performance
  • Server customization control
  • Reduce page load time significantly
  • Guarantee users’ airtight security

Wrapping It Up

Dedicated servers host websites without sharing resources, making it ideal for large businesses. They can handle large traffic volumes without experiencing downtime and are also less vulnerable to security risks.

You can choose between dedicated server offers that put maintenance responsibilities on your shoulders and managed options. The latter lets you outsource server management at a fee to your hosting providers. Dedicated servers are also scalable, so you can upgrade as your business grows.

Where Can You Find Dedicated Hosting?

You can find this in any web hosting company, but I suggest you try first RunHost’s Dedicated Hosting and experience the difference. Just go to this website:

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