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Importance of Secured Website and SSL

What would you feel if your browser warned you about a website being “not secure”? Websites that aren’t secure carry a strong risk of malware and cyberattacks. When a website becomes compromised in a cyberattack there is a high chance that they can’t return with their business. Are your websites secured?

In this article, we will tackle the importance of secured websites and learn more about SSL.

So many people today don’t understand the severe consequences of an unsecured website. Many internet users ask what happens when a website is not secure. There are many risks associated with both running an unsecured website, and using one.

  • A hacker could read, modify or steal the information exchanged through that page or inject a virus without you knowing.

How to Prevent Malware and viruses?

If you are a website owner, then the best thing you can do is keep your website updated and monitored with SSL Certificate. This will protect you and your site visitors from viruses.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate displays important information factors for verifying the owner of a website and encrypting web traffic with SSL/TLS, including the public key, the issuer of the certificate, and the associated subdomains.

What SSL stands for?

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is an encryption-based Internet security protocol. This was developed for the purpose of ensuring privacy, authentication, and data integrity in Internet communications. SSL is the predecessor to the modern TLS encryption used today.

SSL can only be implemented if you have an SSL certificate. This is also proof of your web integrity.

Where you can Get an SSL certificate?

You can download it for free, but it’s important that you do some background work to ensure the option you choose is from a secure and reliable source. You can also check web hosting companies as they offer a free SSL Certificate as part of their services.

Importance of A Secured Website

-Build Trust from Site Visitors

Ensuring that you have a secure website will make it more trustworthy. Instead of the “not secure” message next to your URL, there will be a lock symbol showing the connection is secure to the website.

-Gain Search Engine Authority

Not only will you develop trust from people who visit the site but your Google ranking will also benefit. Fixing sites, not security issues is a great way to boost your SEO authority.

-Provide Safety for You and Site Visitors

Did you know that hackers attack websites across the internet an average of once every 39 seconds? An SSL Certificate provides an invisible barrier that prevents these individuals from gaining access to your information and the personal details of your customers.

-Experience Higher Conversions

A lack of security on your website could lead most people to leave the page before they even get the chance to look at what you have to offer. You can avoid this loss in revenue by making sure you have everything in order.

-Avoid Security Cleanup

It is much more expensive to repair a website or remove viruses than it is to secure your site upfront. Take the extra step to add site security before it’s too late and you’re left cleaning up a mess of viruses left by hackers.

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