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Can You Host Multiple Websites On One Server?

Definitely, Yes. In fact, you can host an unlimited number of websites on one server. Creating and running more than one website is becoming increasingly common today. Why? The most common reason was to separate personal needs or hobbies from business needs. Then the other reason was if you were a web designer or web developer. Another scenario was large educational institutions with different faculties to manage. And some are big enterprises that need to separate websites for different business purposes. This can include a corporate site, microsites for special brands, retail sites, and more. Then lastly, if one is a web hosting reseller.

This article will help you to know what ways and how you can host, multiple websites on one server with our RunHost Hosting Plan.

Host Your Website with a Shared Hosting Plan

You can have more than one website with this plan. Visit this webpage to learn more:

You can add your sites here, starting by registering your new domain and linking it with the nameservers assigned to your account. You can find those in your welcome email. You can also add other details anytime you want. Here are a couple of things to remind you:

  • Unlimited websites are only available in the Positive and Potential shared hosting Plans.
  • You will get one cPanel to all your sites. If you own all those sites, you can manage them yourself in just one log-in. But if you manage others’ websites too, they can access the cPanel and your sites as well.
  • With a Shared plan, you get unlimited storage meaning you can host websites as many as you want. Be mindful of your number of inodes, because it is limited in a shared plan. Large media files and tons of emails can use up your inodes and may affect your other websites.   

Shared Hosting Plan is perfect for you if you are to manage your own websites only with one cPanel.

Host Your Websites with WordPress Hosting Plan

WordPress is popular for its beginner-friendly feature to build and manage websites. Visit this webpage to learn more:

You can add sites here simply by logging into your Customer Portal to see your dashboard. Select Manage Package, and then select Create a blog. In the WordPress URL field, add your domain name. Then add your website’s title in the Blog Title box, select Add Blog, and you should see a “success” message at the top of your dashboard. 

This is a great option if you’re running sites that don’t get more than 100,000 unique visitors per month and if you want the convenience of one-click WordPress installs and a ton of free template options. Remember this:

  • A WordPress hosting plan can host websites for WordPress sites only. WP Alpine and WP Eagle plans give you unlimited websites and unlimited visits monthly, while WP Stork has 1 WordPress website only and is limited to 25,000 visits per month.
  • We maintain and manage your WordPress website for speed and scalability.
  • RunHost WordPress Hosting is fully integrated with all the WordPress features including automatic WordPress updates and installation.

You can now host all your WordPress websites on one server and manage it all easily without worries.

Host Your Websites with VPS Hosting Plan

If we are to compare this to shared hosting, VPS Hosting Plan is more efficient when handling multiple website workloads. This addresses many shortcomings of a shared hosting plan. Visit this webpage to learn more:

For you to add a site here, you will need your login details to set up. Connect to the remote server, update the system (if necessary), then configure, and upload your website files. Here is some benefit:

  • VPS hosting plan gives you your own allocated resources-CPU, RAM, Disk space, and bandwidth. You don’t need to share with anyone.
  • There is no restriction on the number of domains/websites you can create on VPS as long as the disk space and resources are available. There are 6 affordable plans available in RunHost, you can choose which is suitable for your need and scale anytime.

Host Your Websites with Dedicated Hosting Plan

This is the ultimate option to choose if you are to host websites that need big resources like eCommerce with huge product catalogs and high order volume and lots of emails.  The only problem is the cost, yes this is quite expensive because you are paying for the exclusive use of an entire machine. Visit us for more information:

What do you get with a Dedicated Hosting plan?

  • You have full control over your OS and resources. You are in charge of everything, but you also have the freedom to take advantage of our support if you might need anything since it is a managed hosting plan.
  • RunHost Dedicated Hosting has 3 plans available. It all comes with free cPanel and softaculous, they only differ in the capacity of their dedicated resources. You can start with Grow Plan and then scale as you go.

Dedicated hosting gives you the resources to host hundreds of sites on your server and you’re in charge of monitoring its performance. The more your business grows, the more you need this plan. You can guarantee the best uptime and security with a dedicated hosting plan.


As we walked through the different plans, you have seen the pros and cons. Rather than focusing on the ‘how many sites’ question, you decide now if the amount of resources you have in your current hosting plan is enough or not.  The matter not only involved the cost but also the performance and security you’ll need.

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