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FinancesOnline Review of Heaven Hoster

Heaven Hoster is a web hosting platform that provides results-oriented website hosting solutions for companies,  businesses, agencies, eCommerce shops, hosting resellers, bloggers, hobbyists, and students. It delivers the tools and capabilities you need to develop, power, and run your websites with greater confidence and peace of mind.

Heaven Hoster utilizes the latest technologies for its hosting servers so your websites can achieve optimum speed, reliability, security, and performance online. You’ll be able to gain the advantages and benefits of using solid-state storage devices, battery-powered RAID controllers, content delivery networks (CDNs), and web caching solutions.

You can also protect your websites from cybersecurity threats, data breaches, and system failures through various mechanisms such as regular off-site backup, SSL encryption, and anti-spam protection. Heaven Hoster offers cloud VPS and dedicated hosting packages for users who want to obtain isolated spaces, resources, or servers. This way, they’ll get better control over their websites and applications while ensuring performance, stability, and security.

Uptime & Reliability of Heaven Hoster

Heaven Hoster is committed to giving its customers 99.9% uptime guarantee for using the web hosting platform. Its servers are built with advanced and up-to-date technologies, powering up business, eCommerce, and personal websites in a reliable way. For example, Heaven Hoster boosts redundancy, fault tolerance, and performance by using battery-operated RAID controllers along with its solid-state drives.

A RAID controller is a  hardware or software-based data storage virtualization technology that connects and manages multiple HDD or SSD disk drives together as a single logical unit. It duplicates and distributes data stored on disk drives to separate disk drives and performs computations and checks on the data across all the drives. In case one of the drives fails, the data on the failed drive can be easily restored to a replacement or spare drive using copies of data available in the other remaining drives.

As a result, Heaven Hoster’s can survive simultaneous incidents of physical device malfunctions or breakdowns, enhancing the availability of your websites and applications. Their speed and performance are optimized as well, as read and write operations are distributed among various different physical storage devices.

Awards Given by FinancesOnline to Heaven Hoster

CPanel of Heaven Hoster

Heaven Hoster permits you to use easy-to-use and industry-leading control panels, including cPanel, Plesk, WHM, and WordPress control panels. Users who opted in for reseller hosting can get a white-label cPanel control panel that allows them to manage the backend aspects of their hosting business.

They’ll be able to buy multiple cPanel accounts, create and customize their own hosting plans, and handle customers’ subscriptions and billings from the control panel. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to select among cPanel’s tier-based account offerings if you prefer a dedicated hosting server for your websites.

Pros & Cons of Heaven Hoster


  • RAID-powered SSDs
  • Content delivery network
  • Control panel features
  • E-Commerce-optimized WordPress hosting
  • Healthy & advanced backups
  • Scalable hosting packages
  • Professional web designing
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Limited hosting pricing options
  • Service uptime can be affected by internet issues
  • Limited customer support channels
  • Servers are mostly concentrated in Europe
  • No guaranteed security at the application level

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